Crows on White Haori 白い烏カーディガン


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Color: White

The Haori is a traditional Japanese hip- or thigh-length kimono-style jacket. The haori does not close like a yukata, but is worn open or kept closed by a string that connects the lapels. 

This Haori features crows flocking among flower blossoms in black and white.

Unisex; Men's sizes.

Customer Reviews

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Hayden Casper

The parcel traveled very long, much more than the estimated delivery time, but the order was collected and sent immediately on the day of the order. Packed well, the fabric is pleasant to the touch, the drawings are clear, the seams are even and nothing sticks out superfluous, the size is correct. The goods as in the photo, in general, the purchase is pleasant.

Delmer Balistreri

Very cool thing. The fabric is, by the way, pleasant to the touch, smooth, slightly sliding. It was scary to take it, since at the time, I did not find any reviews about this particular model. But the fears were pesotvenny. It's great. I just fell in love with him. (It was also not long. Slightly less than 20 days.)

Lori Schuppe

Just wow, purchase is happy

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