Who We Are

At Kokoro, we pride ourselves in curating a selection of products from all over Asia to meet the fashion needs and trends that you are looking for.

Countries that we source from include Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia, but our selection is constantly changing and being updated.

We are a 100% AAPI and LGBT owned and operated small business.

We proudly support and are a member of the CalAsian Chamber of Commerce.

Commitment to Customers

We believe that  success only follows in the footsteps of happy customers.  Customer satisfaction is our top priority with everything else including profit secondary.

Do we have competitors who sell similar products, or even have the same products?  Most definitely.  Many stores, both physical and online, in many industries, carry the same products from the same designers or manufacturers.  What makes us stand out, is our unyielding commitment to our customers.  We're not going to say anything bad about our competitors, but for real, our customer service is second to none.

Men, Women, & Unisex

Most of the clothing that we sell on our site can be worn by anyone regardless of gender or lack thereof.  If a particular item is made for a specific gender conforming body, it will indicate "Men" or "Women" in the description.  Sizing will match the clothing's original design for one particular gender.


As we grow our business here at Kokoro, we are constantly on the lookout for partners to work with.  If you feel you have a beneficial proposal for our team, please reach out to us.  This includes all types of influencer marketers, content creators, affiliate marketers. etc.  Please be prepared with samples of your work, a pitch, and costs.  You can contact us at info@buykokoro.com