Premium Shishin Yokosuka Jacket 四神横須賀ジャケット

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Japanese Sukajan, embroidered satin baseball jackets burst onto the scene in The Paris Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2016. Originally created in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture, they are handmade jumpers that use embroidery skills of craftsmen that have become widely popular in Japan.

Yokosuka is considered the birthplace of "one-of-a-kind" jackets.

This Sukajan Jacket features the "Four Gods" or "Four Celestial Creatures": The Dragon, Turtle, Phoenix, and Tiger Gods (Seiryu, Genbu, Suzaku, and Byakko).

Because of the intricacy and artistry of the embroidery, stock is extremely limited.  

Unisex; Men's Sizes.

****Please allow 4-8 business days for order processing on this particular item as they will need to be made to order when stock is out or low.

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