Kokoro Cultural Series: Harem Pants - Then and Now

New trends and styles are constantly entering the market, so a piece has to be quite significant to withstand the test of time. One of these iconic garments is the harem pant. Harem pants have a rich history, which is notable considering we’re talking about clothing, and they’ve come back around recently, which means you need a pair. Here is everything you need to know about harem pants- including how to get your hands on some.

1. The origin. The jury is still out on who really invented the harem pant, as the Middle East and Southeast Asia both claim to be responsible. Nonetheless, harem pants came to be in the 1900’s and had slight differences in structure depending on the region. In Southeast Asia, the crotch fell notably low, whereas in the Middle East the ankle of the pant included a tulip-style draping. Either way, harem pants have remained a major part of Southeast Asian culture and are commonly associated with the region.

2. Modern harem pants. Thanks to MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This music video circa 1990, harem pants made a splash in mainstream style, as well as gained a new nickname of parachute pants. Hammer’s influence popularized harem pants in modern fashion, and their comfort factor helped make them a hit. The 90’s where huge for harem pants, but the story doesn’t end there.


3. Where are they now? Harem pants have recently made another resurgence (we’ll get to that soon), and luckily, they’re currently easy to find. A simple search of “harem pants” will populate an abundance of results showing major retailers and reputable brands carrying the product. With that being said, we always recommend purchasing harem pants from an authentic source or AAPI-owned company.

4. Streetwear. Thanks to celebrities like Justin Bieber sporting harem pants around town, harem pants are currently trending in the streetwear category. They’re edgy and iconic, and brands like Supreme are capitalizing on this.

5. Our recommendations. As previously mentioned, there are endless options for buying harem pants, but that can get a bit overwhelming. No worries, though- we have a few suggestions that you should grab while you can. Kokoro’s Juku Harem Pants are a must- they’re versatile, classic, and definitely on trend. The Juku is on the sweatpant spectrum, so they’re super comfortable and will give you the streetwear vibe you’re looking for. They’re also a great choice for daily wear or your next workout. If you’re looking for something more unique or formal, go for the Denim Harem Pants. These are exactly what they sound like, and we love the combination of two classics- jeans and harem pants. They keep the loose, baggy look harem pants bring, but less than the Juku harem pant.


As you can see, harem pants are quite an interesting piece of clothing. They’re give a nod to traditional eastern culture, but still feel new and on trend today, and the options on the market are endless. From the comfort to the aesthetic, we can’t recommend harem pants enough.